The Ice House Project: Philadelphia, PA

As we reported a few months ago, We are currently insuring a new project by Developer James Maransky, owner of the EnVision Group. He is constructing a condominium project known as The Ice House in Fishtown, Philadelphia. The homes Maransky and his team are building are known as “Green Homes” A Green home is a residence that saves energy, costs less to operate and maintain, is healthier for its inhabitants, and has less of an impact on the Environment. “The Icehouse is a registered LEED Home Development project. LEED For Homes is the USGBC-approved benchmark for Green Buildings. While many projects may label themselves as “Green,” The LEED rating system guarantees the homeowner excellence in construction, materials, products and finishes. A LEED Home ensures exceptional air quality for a healthy home environment, maximizes efficiency, and can save the average homeowner up to 40% on utility bills.” Phase I Units were completed a few months ago and sold very successfully, with only a few units still available. Recently, Phase II of the project was launched and Units are NOW available for Sale! For more information visit their website at and for a free insurance quote visit our website today at

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