Only Time Will Tell…

President Obama finally achieved victory on Sunday night, bringing an end to a yearlong partisan struggle. The House voted 219-212 to send a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s health care system to be signed into law. The Democrats passed the bill without a single Republican vote and with the knowledge that it may well have ended the political careers of some who voted for it at a time when the public remains deeply divided over the entire endeavor.

The fight over the bill is not going away anytime soon. Republicans plan to campaign in this fall’s midterm elections on a pledge to repeal it. There will be constitutional challenges. And in dozens of states, legislatures are considering measures that would attempt to exempt their citizens from some of its provisions, including the requirement that individuals purchase insurance. All in all, only time will tell whether or not the passing of this monumental bill was a good or bad idea. Visit our website at for a free insurance quote!

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