A Dangerous Problem

In a recent survey conducted by the Institute for Business and Home Safety, falling trees and limb cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage every year, as well as personal injuries and deaths. You would think roofs and cars would take all the damage but this is not the case. Sometimes a tree can cause damages underground, out of sight, and without even falling. For example aggressive roots can damage the foundation of a house, buckle sidewalks or even plug up septic systems. All of these problems can cause homeowners to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Some potential tree problems are easy to notice such as: Dead limbs, cracks in the trunk/major limbs, hollow and decayed trees, branches hanging over the house or near the roof, or limbs in contact with power lines. If you have concerns about a tree in your yard, call a tree care professional as soon as possible. For a free insurance quote visit our website today at www.kimberleyvassal.com

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