Motorcycle Insurance

As spring approaches and the weather becomes increasingly beautiful the last thing you want to worry about when cruising the open roads on your motorcycle is whether you have the proper insurance policy. Let Kimberley Vassal Insurance do the work for you, all you need to do is choose the type of coverage and deductibles that best cover your motorcycle and your lifestyle, and we’ll do the rest. We also offer a number of discounts including, Insuring more than one motorcycle, Mature riders, Renewals, Credit for qualified safety courses, and Multi-policies with our company. For more information and a free Motorcycle Insurance quote visit our website at


  1. Really need tips from expert in auto insurane. I’m aware a number individuals who filled out their personal data in to one of the numerous “online auto insurance quotes” and already they have solicitors all-around them, email messages, on the phone, junk mail and not to mention one case of Social Security Identity theft. Therefore my real question is: Are these web based automobile insurance quotes absolutely risk-free? Doesn’t it make sense to keep with a local auto insurance agent that can be done business with both over the telephone or even in person.

    1. Hello Jessie,

      Thanks for the question. As you know when dealing with the interNet there is nothing that is Absoulutely Risk Free. There are predators always looking for ways to take advantage of people. If you are interested in or have any insurance related needs or questions feel free to contact us at KVIS-610-459-4444.

      Thank you and make it a great day!!

      John Salgado

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