Black Friday Shopping Tips

We Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. As you may know, today is the day after Thanksgiving. Which to many is known as Black Friday; one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year. Furthermore, here are some tips for both online and retail shoppers from the Better Business Bureau and The National Retail Federation.

• Hold on to your bags. Don’t let anyone else “watch” your bags while shopping.

• Protect your computer. When using it for online shopping, make sure you have the most recent updates, such as spam filters, anti-virus software and anti-spyware.

• Educate children before heading into the melee. Go over what will happen if you get separated. Some ideas include teaching them to look for a uniformed security guard, police officer, or head to the customer service desk.

• Scrutinize. Make sure you’re ordering from legitimate sites. The Better Business Bureau provides a “trustmark” for sites that it approves as valid with good customer satisfaction records.

• Park close to your destination, if possible, or under a light at night. Store packages, electronics, and other valuable items in the trunk.

• Trust your gut. If Web sites and e-mails have deals that sound to good to be true, they probably are.

• Be careful with cash. Count discreetly. Don’t bring out an entire stash from your wallet. Consider bringing only what you might need for the shopping trip.

By Following these simple tips it will allow for a safer holiday shopping experience on Black Friday. For more information or questions visit our website at

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