Some Advice If You Are Involved In an Accident

If you drive a car, chances are you will be involved in some kind of accident in your driving career. Although none of us plan on being involved in an accident, odds are you will. It is important to prepare for an accident, here are seven simples rules that I recently read about in an article.

1) Stay calm – This is the most important thing to remember when an accident occurs. This will be a very stressful time, and for you to collect the data you need about the accident, and ensure your safety, you need to remain calm.

2) Keep the conversation simple – Be sure to check on the other driver and see if they are ok, but be very careful about too much conversation. NEVER admit guilt, even if you were completely at fault. The determination of guilt is better left to an officer of the law, and admitting anything at the scene won’t solve anything and can actually put you in a very bad position legally.

3) Contact the authorities – Even in a minor accident it is important to contact the police immediately. This ensures that an accident report is filled out, something the insurance companies need later to process any claims.

4) Gather whatever witness you can – Most accidents occur in well traveled areas, usually during times of reasonable traffic levels so there should be a witness or two that saw what happened. Some people will be hesitant to come forward, but once asked directly they will usually relay their observations on the accident to the police. In the event of a major accident, with any type of injury these witnesses become critical if a court appearance is required and can be your salvation.

5) Exchange contact information – Now that you have the basics covered, spend a little time exchanging contact information with the other driver. You will need at a minimum: their name and address, their drivers license number, their insurance companies name, and hopefully a phone number to reach them. Most current police reports will also contain this information, but it is a good idea to try and gather it directly as well.

6) Take good notes – By now you should be waiting for the police to arrive and you should take a minute to go over what happened in your head. Make notes about which way you were heading on the road, your approximate speed, any obstructions, and the general road conditions. Avoid discussing this with the other driver, and never directly engage them in a debate about the accident.

7) Contact your Insurance Company – Even if the accident was minor, contact your insurance agent as soon as you get home. The sooner they are aware of the accident the better. They will ask you for the particulars of the accident and any information you may have about the other driver and their insurance. Give them the information you collected at the scene. They will also ask if there were any injuries and if anyone was taken to the hospital. Answer all of their questions honestly.

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