National Underwriter: Unusual Claims

In a recent National Underwriter’s article it explained many unusual claims that were very interesting and comical; I thought I would share one of the many interesting claims that hopefully will not happen to you.

An agent from Effler Schmitt Company in Toledo, Ohio wrote, “The insured had been driving through an animal safari, and the car in front had been feeding buffalo before they moved on, It was then that several buffalo decided they were still hungry and started pushing and ramming the front of the car until the hood and front end were damaged. Luckily the insured was able to make an escape.” This is just one of the many unusual claims found in this article and a good example of why you should always be insured.

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  1. I have actually been to this animal safari – it is a drive through exibit with open wandering animals….you feed them from the window of your car. It is neat, but dangerous for your car.

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