Health Care Nationalization

Many agents these days are fearful about the health care reform program. I recently read an article that asked three people to offer an opinion of what the health insurance industry will look like in five years. The first person had 40 years of experience in the business industry, the second ran a larger agency and the third had just started in business a few years ago.

All three said the same thing: “If the insurance industry fails to fight the myths and urban legends, then the federal government will undoubtedly have a much larger role in the day to day health care of an average citizen. Forty-six percent of the population is already covered by government sponsored plans through Medicare and Medicaid. It’s not that much of a stretch for the feds to step in and open Medicare up to everyone.”

The myths and urban legends they speak of pertain to the number of Americans currently without health care. There are 45 Million uninsured Americans, however this number is some what exaggerated since it includes those recently unemployed Americans waiting to go on Cobra as well as illegal aliens. It is important that we do not sign onto the current mob mentality and take the time to understand how a government program will affect are current health care insurance.

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