Insurance Audits Costly

After reviewing thousands of insurance audits we found that over 60% of insurance audits were wrong. Our clients are provided at no cost this valuable Insurance & Risk Management Service that reduces audit time and mistakes. However, we are not trying to sell insurance. In light of the tightening economy Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services will provide a “no cost” review of your insurance audit.

We found that most agents or broker’s do not review or understand the insurance audit process. That leaves you all alone against the insurance auditor.

We will identify audit mistakes and misclassifications that have increased your audit and insurance costs. All we need to perform this no cost service is:

· Audit Work Sheet: The worksheets should have been left when the audit was preformed however, most carriers do not leave them.
· Audit Invoice: The invoice is needed for verification.
· Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Policies: Initial insurance payrolls and classifications should be reviewed and evaluated.
· Thirty Minutes of your time: We want to determine if there are other cost reduction alternatives that we can utilize to reduce your insurance costs.

A report will be provided and we will provide you with the necessary support to obtain your refund. We only get paid if we find an error in the audit.

For more information visit us at

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